Teeth Whitening

Teeth bleaching or whitening in most cases can be a simple solution for discolored teeth. Many cases of staining can be treated with the professional treatment and materials we provide.  It is the easiest and most dramatic way to improve your smile.

We utilize 3 different methods of teeth whitening in our office depending on each patients need.

1. Opalesense PF - This is a custom take-home whitening system that uses custom-made delivery trays and different concentrations of whitening gel depending on your "need for speed" and sensitivity.  This is our most popular system.

2. Opalesense Boost - In-office treatments along with a take-home system for those who need results now!

3. Kor Whitening Deep Bleaching System - This product and technique is for more than your average coffee drinker.  This system is used for patients with stains that are deep in the tooth, such as, those associated with Tetracycline antibiotic use, and includes in-office and take-home components.