TMJ Disorder

Pain in your jaw, cheeks, neck, upper back, frequent headaches, and ear aches can be associated with clenching and/or grinding your teeth.  We have different treatments based on your specific set of symptoms ranging from physical therapy to bite splints. Let us help diagnose what is specifically bothering you and find a solution to end the suffering.

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*We are back open for normal treatment.  If you missed a cleaning, we will be calling you to reschedule.  Be patient with us, as we have a long list to work through, but, be assured that we will get you the care you need.  After hours, you may still call 989-545-1670 to leave a message if you have an emergency.  We are also the new home for patients of Dr. Holbein and are excited to have you become part of our patient family. 
Be aware, we are wearing more protective gear than in the past, the office will be a cooler temperature, it may be prudent to wear warmer clothes when visiting us than in the past.